Charles Bronson-Reilly

Official Selection, Palm d’Oreo Film Festival. Honorable Mention, Portland Community College Student Union Movie Night. Canal+, in association with the Oxygen Network and the Spice Channel, presents the cinematic event of the year.

The Boy in the Basement

The inspiring true story of one man’s heroic struggle. Charles Bronson-Reilly, a man fighting against all odds to compete at the highest level of professional cycling, despite being crippled by extreme agoraphobia and paralyzing social anxiety. A career spent racing from the confines of his small, North Portland basement. A story of courage. A story of triumph.


Experience the joy as Charles places second in-absentia at the 2007 Track Championships.

Share the heartache, as a faulty video feed causes what was surely a victory via satellite at the 2008 Dauphine to cruelly slip through his fingers.

Cheer as Charles masters grabbing a water bottle while on the rollers without totally crashing and putting another hole through the drywall and almost taking out the cat. Mom was not happy about that shit.

See the movie the Chicago Sun-Times is calling,

Ebert at the Movies raves,
“If you don’t stop calling and emailing me I’m getting a restraining order. I am not f*cking around. Jesus.”