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Back in the Sad-hole

Well, it’s been a quiet week here at Lake Slowbegone, my hometown, out on the edge of Portlandia. Shit, come to think of it, it’s been more than a week. Let’s just check the ol’ date stamp on the last blog post…ten months. Wow. We…

Rouleur for Damage

If friends are the family we choose, then group rides are the family vacations no one wants to choose. Ownership. Commitment. Deciderating. These are words. Maybe even some of them. Some of them may be made up. You’ll never know. And stringing them together in…

Breaking Away Bad

We can all agree that off-season training is miserable, so we choose to multitask and combine it with our second favorite activity: COOKING METH. US Postal had Ferrari. JVA has Walter White. We call this workout the Heisenberg Uncertainty Interval. Breaking Away Bad from Jens Voigt's Army…

Summer Etiquette Ride Guide

Christ, people. Do we have to go through this again? It seems like only yesterday I was 1) asked to change my underwear, and 2) forced to address simple ride etiquette. Every summer it’s the same fucking routine. Sun comes out. The first Versus crash…

2012 SUPER RELAX Bocce Throwdown

Armed with only a box of wine, a Costco cheesecake and a watermelon flavored Four Loko, JVA set out to defend our SUPER RELAX Bocce Throwdown title on Friday. And we lost. We lost huge. Luckily, we don’t remember much of it. We have only these photos to try and piece together what happened.

Big thanks for Super Relax for organizing the event again. It’s always a great time with super fun people. Congrats to the hosts for finally winning the damn thing. Congrats to Grundel for finally winning a fucking game. And congrats to Team Beer for everything Badger did. All night.

Waldo Lake

Megatron, Goggles and Complaymen met up with the Ross-tafarian for a weekend of riding at Waldo lake. Mountains were bikes. Mosquitos were fed. Skinnies were dipped. Maps were consulted. And photos were taken.

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