The Event Horizon. The Point of No Return.

Cosmologists speak in hushed, reverent tones of the infinite gravity of the black hole. Nothing escapes its siren song. Solar systems are inhaled like so many balloons of nitrous at a Phish concert. Even photons, those ADD toddlers of the universe, are helpless to resist its inextricable tug. Information disappears, never to return.

Such is Megatron, JVA’s Small Wonder. She relentlessly gobbles miles, be they asphalt or singletrack. We know not from whence she came, nor where she may strike next.

Like any grand cosmic force she is ultimately Unknowable. We may speculate, we may offer conjecture, but Small Wonder defies all feeble attempts to describe or explain her.

Know this, hapless cyclist who futilely tries to outpace Megatron: Object in your helmet mirror is radder than it appears.