Cafe Dumonde Tech

During one of our ridiculous training rides we had a eureka moment: What if we could pamper our drivetrains with Dumonde Tech’s slickery, plant-based chainlube while at the same time convincing our olfactory lobes that we’d just downed a triple espresso? All of the scoot without all the scat. Brilliant. If only we could get someone to actually make it.

Apparently we know how to pick collaborators. Not only did the good folks at Dumonde Tech refrain from calling the cops to have us forcibly removed, they happily obliged. After several months of careful formulation and bean sniffing, they presented us with this:

Cafe Dumonde Tech.

All the amazing qualities of Dumonde Tech’s 100% plant-based, bio-degradable Bio Green chain lube, now with a distinctive coffee scent.

Side effects may include: Increased heart rate, a craving for waffles, and a drivetrain smoother than Luther Vandross.

Due to limitations on radness, only 1000 1oz bottles have been produced.

Do you want some? Obviously.
Do you need some? Doy.

JVA will be anointing chains with Cafe Dumonde for anyone who saunters by our team tent at the local Portland cross races. We’ll also have limited quantities for sale at our tent. If you make a stink and send us an email me we might do you a solid and ship you some. If you’re a dealer and want to stock Cafe Dumonde or any of the ther fine Dumonde Tech products, give our boy Stuart a shout. He will hook a muthafucka up.

Cafe Dumonde Tech: Damn good coffee. And hot.