JVA Cateye Strada


These are sold out! We think. There might be a another box of them sitting around somewhere. But we’re not sure.

Say it loud, we’re binary-curious and we’re proud. In order to cash in on this whole computering thing the kids are talking about, JVA is proud to present the Team Edition CatEye Strada Wireless cyclocomputer. It comes in two flavourways: Team JVA and Jahvahaah Internationale.

The Jahvahaah edition is handcarved from Corinthian alabaster by only the tiniest, most nimble of  non-locally sourced hands. The pigments are harvested from the ink sacs of a rare octupus first described by Jacques Cousteau on the very day that Jacques Anquetil won the Dauphiné / Paris-Bourdeaux double. Like Cancellara after a sand-heavy meal, it displays Swiss quartz movements. Both the JVA and Jahvahaah versions share the features of the stock CatEye Strada Wireless (Full specs here). No, it’s not GPS-enabled, but if you need to be constantly tethered to a global satellite system in order to justify your existence and muster the motivation to ride your bike you should probably just get into orienteering.

$60 each. Proceeds go get Difficult Brown, our non-operational RV, up and running and out of thePortland Design Works parking lot. That, and beer.

$60 – SOLD OUT!